Live a Life That’s True to Yourself.

Rachelle MacKeigan

Empowerment Mental Health Coach

Holistic Mental Health Counsellor Specializing in Anxiety, Emotion Regulation, Substance Use Disorders, and Radical Self-Compassion

Rachelle MacKeigan

Can You Relate?

✓ Are you emotionally overwhelmed?

✓ Fear that you’re not good enough?

✓ Feel like there’s a piece of you that’s missing?

If yes, know I’ve been there, too – once upon a time.

But now, I’ve found a place where I’ve changed my relationship with myself for the better.

And I can show you how to do the same.

Hi, I'm Rachelle.

Mental Health Counsellor, Digital Course Creator, and Host of Radical Love Society Podcast!

I offer comprehensive coaching programs that help women like you live an authentic life of abundance. Whether it’s through my digital courses or coaching sessions, I’ll share skills that will help you make the best of every day!

Are you ready to start living a richer, more meaningful life?

Don’t waste another day. Get started now.

xo Rachelle

A Peek Into My Mental Health
Life Coach Services

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Private Online Counselling

You and Rachelle

Online with registered counsellor Rachelle MacKeigan, build a skillset to help you change your life in the ways you’ve imagined.

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Digital Courses

Discover on Your Own

Receive the skills you need anywhere, at any time. Learn how to be more present and function, feel, and live better for the rest of your life.

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Corporate Wellness

Strengthen a Team

Support a culture of wellness through a custom-designed program. Promote employee engagement and encourage a healthier workplace.

What Do You Want Your Life to Stand For?

Clarify your values, determine what matters most, and take action in my FREE course “Building a Life of Meaning.”

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Tune Into My Podcast

Create a life of purpose and meaning with “Radical Love Society," a podcast devoted to creating a happier you! Tame that ‘monkey mind’ once and for all while developing more mindful habits, self-compassion, and emotion regulation. Start living life on your own terms!


“We keep searching and searching when everything is already within us. There is no truth to find.”

- Miguel Ruiz