Learn the tools you need to change your life.

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Introducing The Change Point Course

An opportunity to follow a more truthful path and connect with who you really are. Build self-compassion, connect with your inner sense of self-worth, and achieve a profound sense of a life well-lived.

Evolve Towards Your Highest Potential | Discover the Feeling of Living in True Joy | Build a Life You Love


Find the Way Back to Yourself

Throughout an eight-week program, develop everything you need to become your most authentic version. Master one new technique during each module and build a transformative toolbox for the rest of your life.

Week 1: Happiness & Suffering 

Unpack the science of genuine happiness and prepare to take your first steps to a richer, fuller life.

Week 2: A New Way 

Realize the importance of handling painful feelings, then develop a radically new way to respond to difficult emotions.

Week 3: Get Off the Hook 

Say goodbye to unhelpful thoughts and constant worrying, break free from self-criticism, and transcend self-esteem.

Week 4: Being Present 

Become more mindful (without the meditation!) and fully enjoy what life has to offer you, each and every day. 

Week 5: Meaning & Purpose 

Discover your inner compass that will help give you purpose, motivate you, and guide your way of living.

Week 6: Doing What Matters 

Learn how to stay true to yourself (even when things get tough) and keep the positive momentum going!

Week 7: Holding Yourself Kindly 

Build richer relationships with yourself and others while transforming pain into an ally.

Week 8: A Higher Sense of Self 

Incorporate it all together to access a higher sense of self and find fulfillment in unexpected places.

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Emotion Regulation


Anger Management


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction


Interpersonal Effectiveness


Distress Tolerance


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